Day: October 25, 2017

VC screens documentary on race

By Sasha Gopalakrishnan – 1 year ago

Vassar is no utopia. Many students feel that the idea that this space is a liberal haven, free of social prejudice simply due to the progressive values seemingly imbibed by…

Why artists do the play

By – 1 year ago

Art, in its essence, is a collaborative process. Even if one person produces the art, there’s still a shared experience created between the artist and the spectator. In theatre, this…

VC swim starts out strong

By Kelly Pushie – 1 year ago

The Vassar men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams took on Brandeis University in the season opener this past weekend in Kresge pool. The women took home a solid 196.5-110.5…

Be Safe on Halloween at Vassar Party Scene

By CARES – 1 year ago

Nov. 6 author’s addendum: The article refers to the LGBTQ Director as a responsible employee. While this is true, she is also a SART advocate and accessible as a private resource. …

Vassar legends, ghosts sure to surprise every student

By Talya Phelps – 1 year ago

[Content warning: This article makes mention of suicide.] When I saw that my friends were starting to RSVP for this year’s Halloweekend Facebook event, I felt a rush of homesickness…

Community gathers to discuss conservation research

By Clark Xu – 1 year ago

On Wednesday, Oct. 18, conservationists from Vassar College and the surrounding area gathered at the Barn on the Environmental Cooperative to share ideas about scientific research, social action and pedagogy…

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