News Briefs Nov. 30th, 2017

By Marusa Rus and Pazit Schrecker – 1 year ago

Zimbabwean president resigns Former Vice President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa was sworn in as the new president last Friday, Nov. 24, in the presence of the 60,000 supporters (The Telegraph,…

Updates from the VSA

By Sarah Jane Muder – 1 year ago

Senate 11.26.17 1. Forum with Engaged Pluralism Initiative (EPI) leaders — Goal of EPI: To change campus climate and inclusivity. — Core Team: Associate Professor of Anthropology Candice Lowe-Swift, EPI…

Box scores

By The Miscellany News – 1 year ago

Alum critiques Bradley’s Jacobson response

By Paul Mansour – 1 year ago

Dear President Bradley, On Oct. 25, you sent out a message to the Vassar community “to help prepare” the students, faculty and administration “for tomorrow.” While you oddly included two…

Bradley replies to alum’s letter

By Elizabeth H. Bradley – 1 year ago

Dear Mr. Mansour, I have read your open letter. Your version of the facts differs markedly from mine. Learning is messy. In the final analysis, I think there are two…