Day: February 28, 2018

Deodorant, perfumes contribute to smog

By Steven Park – 2 weeks ago

When it comes to presenting yourself in public, one of the top concerns that many people worry about is body odor. I’m sure many of us have been given “the talk” during puberty and…

Ten tips on how to survive this never-ending winter

By Ivanna Guerra – 2 weeks ago

Last week, Vassar experienced 48 hours of sunshine, warmth and no snow. It was beautiful. Students bloomed from the muddy quad to enjoy the rays of sun that smiled upon them.…

Comics and costumes take over the College Center

By Olivia Feltus – 2 weeks ago

One weekend out of every year, the College Center is flooded by Vassar students, community members and visitors from far and wide who all share similar interests like anime, gaming…