Day: May 2, 2018

Art of knitting alters fabric of student’s life

By Abby Knuckles – 10 months ago

A few years ago, my therapist encouraged me to pick up knitting again. She suggested that perhaps a simple creative act on which I could focus and make distinct progress…

Wednesday Campanella offers creative tunes, videos

By Olivia Feltus – 10 months ago

About three weeks ago, deep into late night Deecing, a friend and I were elaborating on our music tastes of the week. Our discussion was pretty standard until one of…

JYA-er reflects on museum scene

By Patrick Tanella – 10 months ago

Art 105-106 truly changed my life. Through this course, I gained a new way of looking at the world and at art, which I have applied to my studies in…

Architects innovate in Athens

By Kelly Vinett – 10 months ago

Finding inspiration from urban planning might be an uncommon concept to the everyday citizen. However, the Greek architects of Point Supreme, an architectural practice that imagines and builds projects from…

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