Anika Lanser

Anika is a junior sociology major with a history correlate. Throughout her time at Vassar, Anika has served numerous positions on the Editorial Board of the Miscellany News: Copy Editor, Senior Editor and currently is Editor in Chief. She is passionate about journalism and hopes to continue working with newspapers after graduation. When at Vassar, Anika really misses her two dogs who unfortunately live in Middletown, CT with the rest of her family.

Panama beyond the Canal

By – 6 months ago

Whenever I told people that I was going to Panama, they always asked if I was going to the canal. And while I did go to the Mira­flores Locks and…

VSA Meeting 4/10/16

By – 12 months ago

7:05// Consensus Agenda Finance: The Limit wanted a new camera, Choice wanted more funding for contraception. Slow Foods had some budget application problems last year so this is just some…

Outside the Bubble

By – 2 years ago

Mount McKinley Called Denali Once More On Aug. 30, President Obama officially announced that after almost a century of being known as Mount McKinley, North America’s tallest mountain will again…