Evelyn Frick

Evelyn Frick is a former Editor of the Humor and Satire Section at The Miscellany News. Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Evelyn is currently a junior at Vassar College. She is majoring in English with an Art History correlate. Her on-campus involvement besides the Misc includes performing comedy with Vassar's all-femme + non-binary comedy group, Indecent Exposure. Some of her favorite things include long romantic walks on the beach, the classic movie Space Jam, and her dog Reese.

‘Harrison,’ the next ‘Hamilton’

By – 2 years ago

Step aside, “Hamilton;” there’s a new musical chronicling the presidency of another American patriot! No, not any Founding Fathers. Not ringing any bells? Don’t worry, the American ed­ucation system didn’t…

Memes elucidate candidates’ convictions

By – 2 years ago

Everybody loves a good meme. That fact is as scientifically proven as gravity or vac­cinations not spreading autism. Seeing clever, and often ridiculous, online content that come in different variations…