Idlewild devises sea shanty show

By Matt Stein – 2 weeks ago

Creating a work from a simple concept can seem like a miracle. One word or idea suddenly sparks a curiosity that grows into an hour-long production filled with a rich…

VC winter sports get a hot start

By Kelly Pushie – 2 weeks ago

Women’s Basketball: The women’s basketball team have gone nearly perfect on the early part of their season, winning four out of their first five games so far this season. The…

Facebook page snaps secret life of bricks

By Laila Volpe – 2 weeks ago

Vassar has many mysteries: the elusive squirrel on campus without a tail, leading students to wonder at his origins; the mystical, luck-bearing womp womps; the haunted basements of the less…

Org of teh Week: Sori proudly promotes Korean culture

By Andrea Yang – 2 weeks ago

Those who attended Kaleidoscope this year won’t forget the refreshing Samulnori performance presented by Sori, the organization that represents and promotes Korean culture. Co-treasurer of Sori Brian Hong ’19 is…

Box scores

By The Miscellany News – 2 weeks ago

Shaping feminist art history at Vassar today

By Patrick Tanella – 2 weeks ago

Only a select few people are capable of changing the world through their writing. Former Mary Conover Mellon Professor of Art History Linda Nochlin ’51 was one of them, with…