Mack Liederman

Mack Liederman ’20 is a political science major from Westfield, New Jersey. Despite the fact that he is a meticulously slow reader, Mack is excited to move into a senior editorial position this semester after spending two semesters as the head of the Sports section. Mack has contributed over a dozen articles to the Misc, with his writing largely focused on the intersections of sports, politics and culture. Last semester, Mack ventured abroad to comparatively study the independent press in Argentina, Spain and South Africa. Outside the pages of print, you can find Mack calling play-by-play for varsity athletic events or just kicking back watching TV in his dingle.

VSA funds disputed panelist

By – 2 weeks ago

Breaking from the run-of-the-mill law and order of chair updates and speedy consensus agendas, all attending the March 24 VSA Senate paused to hone in on a series of images,…

When fashion talks trash

By – 12 months ago

It is the NBA’s equivalent of the red carpet. Buried in the corridors of every arena, a singular camera captures the few steps from the team bus to the locker…

The culture of courtside

By – 12 months ago

In the NBA playoffs, all of the stars come out. LeBron James is turning up the intensity in an attempt to single-handedly will his lethargic team past the scrappy Indiana…

Don’t hate the tank

By – 12 months ago

Ah, playoff time, what a wonderful time of the year! With a surprisingly competitive first round beginning to percolate, there has been an endless barrage of overwrought analysis and matchup…

In NBA, the future is here

By – 1 year ago

It certainly was a play to remember. In what would be considered an unbelievable scenario at the beginning of the season, the red- hot Philadelphia 76ers were at home battling…