Matt Stein

Born and raised in the suburban wilderness of the Chicagoland area, Matt is a Junior Drama major with an undeclared correlate in British Literary Studies and enjoys books and stuff. Besides writing for the Misc's Arts and Feaures sections, he also wastes half of his free time trying to convince others to join his two clubs, Working Titles (a working title) and Casual Improv, so far to no avail. Ask him about London.

Why artists do the play

By – 3 months ago

Art, in its essence, is a collaborative process. Even if one person produces the art, there’s still a shared experience created between the artist and the spectator. In theatre, this…

Seniors take final VC bows

By – 8 months ago

Theatre is an inherently collaborative art. The final product on opening night is a team effort, the combined vision of dedicated directors, designers, actors and stage managers. Here at Vassar,…

Workshop educates about trans allyship

By – 9 months ago

In the age of increasing social media presence, we can often denote activism with ‘slacktivism,’ passively supporting an issue without actually taking efforts to make a change. In general, though,…

Production unravels love myths

By – 9 months ago

We who are young have years ahead of us to experience what we have yet to achieve. But as we get older, we lose those infinite opportunities. What happens when…