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Rejecting triggers ignores trauma’s lasting memories

By KAYLEE KNOWLES and FAREN TANG – 7 years ago

In response to many of the negative reactions to the VSA’s resolution in support of the use of trigger warnings, we would like to clarify what triggers are, how they…

Platt inspires students to enter public service

By JOHN NGUYEN – 7 years ago

Every year when studying abroad, junior year students become enamored with the foreign countries they encounter. However, in spite of their love of travel, very few consider the possibility of…

Students from Poughkeepsie confront hometown stigmas


While the town of Poughkeepsie remains an unexplored mystery to many Vassar students, some have been familiar with it for their entire lives. Though their presence is nuanced, students hailing…

Students, RCF propose sustainability initiatives

By DALLAS ROBINSON – 7 years ago

When thinking about advocating for environmental consciousness, terms like “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” are far more common than “Lambscaping” or “The Plight of Wasted Light at Night.” Nonetheless, students, staff…

Post election professor interviews

By NATHAN TAUGER – 7 years ago

The Multimedia Staff interview Professor of Political Science Sidney Plotkin and Professor of Sociology Leonard Nevarez

Town Board considers banning wind turbines, solar panels

By NOBLE INGRAM – 7 years ago

On Dec. 5, the Poughkeepsie Town Board agreed to have a hearing regarding the “Energy Facilities and Systems Moratorium” Local Law, a resolution that would temporarily prohibit the installation of…