Nick Barone

Nick Barone is the Opinions Editor of the Miscellany News. A sophomore from northern New Jersey, Nick is pursuing an English and History double major. After graduation, he hopes to follow in the footsteps of his hero, Giles from the cult television classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In addition to his work at the Misc, Nick serves as the President of Lathrop House and the Co-Editor of the Archives Section of Vassar Review. His weekly columns revolve around American politics, issues in the higher education community, and social activism.

Candidates must acknowledge #NoDAPL

By Nick Barone – 5 months ago

On Oct. 31, more than one million Facebook users “checked in” to the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. This was done in response to a post purporting that inundating Facebook with…

Hilllary Clinton, though flawed, must be next president

By Nick Barone – 6 months ago

On April 21, 2016, I expressed my support and admiration for Senator Bernie Sanders and his groundbreaking campaign to become the Democratic presidential nominee. Sanders was not and is not…

UChicago distorts purpose of safe spaces, trigger warnings

By Nick Barone – 6 months ago

As universities and colleges open their doors to first-year students across the country this fall, old, festering, familiar contro­versies are once again creeping up. Students, faculty and administration nationwide are…

United States in dire need of Sanders’ radical platform

By Nick Barone – 11 months ago

When I was a junior in high school, I wrote an article for my high school’s newspa­per entitled, “The American Plutocracy.” Even as a hormone-riddled, obnoxiously idealis­tic 16-year-old, I knew…

Border patrol union must reverse endorsement of Trump

By Nick Barone – 12 months ago

On Wednesday, March 30, the National Border Patrol Council endorsed Donald Trump for president. The Council serves as the official organization representing U.S. Border Patrol agents, consisting of around 18,000…