Shiva documents refugee stories

By Elizabeth Johnson – 3 weeks ago

“Over five million people have fled Syria since 2011.” Vassar alum and filmmaker Alexandra Shiva ’95 begins her latest documentary “This is Home: A Refugee Story” with these words flashing…

Portraits illustrate prison epidemic

By Taylor Stewart – 3 weeks ago

Mass incarceration is an epidemic in the U.S., home to 25 percent of the world’s prison population and only five percent of the world’s people (American Psychological Association, “Incarceration nation,”…

‘BlackKkKlansman’ delivers crucial social commentary

By Dean Kopitsky – 3 weeks ago

[Correction (Sunday, Mar. 3): The original version of this article contained two inaccuracies. First, it stated that Stallworth and Patrice’s dating is “one of the very non-factual liberties the movie…

New dance group Doubletime values synergy, variety

By Abby Tarwater – 4 weeks ago

Dance is an eclectic art form that encompasses a wide range of skills, methodologies and genres. Six Vassar students founded the new pre-org VC Doubletime as a space in which…

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