Kapur examines South Asian gay identity through stand-up

By CHARLACIA DENT – 6 years ago

This semester South Asian Students’ Alliance (SASA) is teaming up with Queer Coalition of Vassar College (QCVC) for its Queering South Asia series, bringing the stylish Indian comedian as seen…

Music class introduces new frontiers of sound

By ADAM BUCHSBAUM – 6 years ago

Adjunct Instructor in Music Peter McCulloch wants to change your mind about electronic music—it’s not just dance music. “If you’re gonna use a painting analogy, dance music is to the…

Capoeira club fuses martial arts, dance

By STEVEN WILLIAMS – 6 years ago

Usually, when two people face off in a circle surrounded by a group of chanting onlookers, something ugly and violent is about to happen. But three days a week, when…

DeMaria leads scholarship in British Lit

By YUHAN SHUI – 6 years ago

“This is my first and last job,” Professor of English Robert DeMaria observed. He has taught at Vassar for 38 years, ever since receiving his Ph.D degree at Rutgers University.…

Dominik film complicates crime genre

By MAX ROOK – 6 years ago

When Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt) gives his manifesto on how he operates as a hitman halfway through Killing Them Softly, he explains that he likes to kill people from a…

Letters reveal Vonnegut’s inner musings


I don’t think that Vonnegut was the kind of writer who constructed new worlds in order to escape his own—the imagined world that permeates his novels seems a brilliant kind…

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