“Before” trilogy enhances the art of romantic storytelling

By Lucy Ellman – 2 weeks ago

In the latest installment of Lucy-watches-things-that-came-out-years-ago-that-no-longer-need-reviewing, I decided to check out The “Before” Trilogy. I know, “Before Sunrise,” “Before Sunset” and “Before Midnight” all sound like the titles of 99-cent…

Lorde: best artist of a generation

By – 2 weeks ago

On “The Louvre,” Lorde chants “Can you hear the violence?” If one was not paying attention, it almost sounds like “Can you hear the violets?” This might sound insignificant, but…

First-years introduced to comedy scene, left in good humor

By Sasha Gopalakrishnan – 2 weeks ago

Comedy on Vassar’s campus almost always leads one to think of the packed Sanders Auditorium, with students eagerly lining the stairs. Additionally, there is always a bunch of disillusioned kids…