Nostalgic showtunes delight, cabaret engages audience

By Delila Ames – 1 month ago

Cabaret is a unique style of entertainment in which performers interact more heavily with their material than a performer might in a typical concert. A technique called “patter” breaks up…

Female nudity in art offends, excites throughout history

By Taylor Stewart – 2 months ago

Sculptures of Aphrodite of Knidos now stand gracefully and innocuously in places like the Vatican and the Louvre. The statues are modeled off Aphrodites on Roman coins, which are themselves…

Artist talks homespun approach

By Meghan Hayfield – 3 months ago

On Tuesday, Nov. 27, artist Joanne Greenbaum spoke in Taylor Hall on her life and career, describing the path to becoming an artist in her own way. Without commenting or…