Artists Myers and Schaal speak on the power of storytelling

By Kelly Vinett – 3 months ago

[Correction: The exhibit, “Hello, Dear Enemy! Picture Books for Peace and Humanity” was curated by the International Youth Library in Munich, Germany. Vassar students did not create this exhibit, but…

Comics and costumes take over the College Center

By Olivia Feltus – 3 months ago

One weekend out of every year, the College Center is flooded by Vassar students, community members and visitors from far and wide who all share similar interests like anime, gaming…

Vassar Devils serenade campus with Valentinograms

By Matt Stein – 3 months ago

Every Feb. 14, chocolate sales will increase, CVS lines will be filled with people buying last-minute gifts and the Vassar Devils will wake someone up at five in the morning…