Humor & Satire

The great Nordic indoors: roughin’ it in a local IKEA

By Sophie Blumenstock – 6 hours ago

Now that we’re firmly into spring, there are no longer opportunities for winter camping and getting to experience nature while trekking around in the snow. Never fever, however, an authentic…

The Misc News introduces: the super fake news in brief

By Chris Allen – 1 week ago

Holy cannoli! A lot happened in the news over this past week. How could anybody possibly keep track of it all? International conflict, controversial ad campaigns, personal plumbing accidents—sometimes, it’s…

Breaking up with winter proves to be icy and cold

By Kaitlin Prado – 1 week ago

Now that cuffing season has more or less ended, I guess it’s only fair that, once and for all, I publicly break things off clean with my most recent committed…