Humor & Satire

What to expect when you are expecting (a prospie)

By Annie Wang – 5 months ago

Hosting a prospective student is quite the adventure. It’s definitely not for everyone at Vassar, regardless of how nice we are as a collective student body. Therefore, I’ve compiled a…

Entire right side of dorm room now just silverfish

By Blair Webber – 5 months ago

Cushing House: a beautiful, historical niche tucked into the northern corner of campus between Noyes and the cemetery. This oasis may seem quaint and homey, but beneath its humble surface,…

Student surely, irrefutably knows about everything

By Blair Webber – 5 months ago

In case anyone’s been wondering, I totally know exactly what “decolonize” means and how to use it in a sentence. I know some doubts have been raised on this subject,…