English Dept. lacks faculty teaching marginalized writers

By Kimberly Nguyen – 3 weeks ago

In case you haven’t heard, the English Department is currently hiring their first tenure-track professor in a decade. With the current political climate that leaves the rights of marginalized groups…

Unethical conduct plagues legal career of Kamala Harris

By Jesser Horowitz – 3 weeks ago

On Jan. 2019, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris declared her candidacy for President of the United States of America to great fanfare. She earned quick praise and frequent comparison to former…

Please, Tell Us More!

By Prof. Eve Dunbar – 3 weeks ago

Professors: What is a topic, idea, theory or breakthrough related to your field of study that you find absolutely fascinating or feel very passionate about? Explain why. [Spoiler alert: This…

Dr. Phil peddles lies, manipulates guests for TV fame

By Jesser Horowitz – 4 weeks ago

As Phillip McGraw, or Dr. Phil, once stated, “Every choice you make—including the thoughts you think—has consequences. When you choose the behavior or thought, you choose the consequences. If you…

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