Media misrepresents how shutdown harms prisoners

By Catherine Bither – 6 months ago

Following the recent government shutdown—the longest in U.S. history— thousands of federal employees went weeks without pay. For those struggling to survive paycheck-to-paycheck, the devastating shutdown caused many federal employees…

Four myths on Venezuela’s political crisis debunked

By Sylvan Perlmutter – 6 months ago

On Jan. 23, President of the Venezuelan National Assembly Juan Guaidó declared the government of Nicolás Maduro illegitimate and himself as interim president of the South American nation. The Organization…

If Not Now’s Birthright walkouts discourage dialogue

By Jesser Horowitz – 6 months ago

The Western Wall, one of the holiest sites in Judaism’s holiest city, exudes a power unlike anything I have ever experienced. Whether that originates from a truly spiritual source, an…

Decline in print journalism poses threat to democracy

By Catherine Bither – 7 months ago

We have become numb to extinction in the 21st century. We watch habitats and animals, once numerous and thriving, dissolve before our eyes. We witness the demise of entire generations…

Please, Tell Us More!

By Prof. Abigail Baird – 7 months ago

Why do teenagers do stupid things? While I object to the wording of this question, it is inevitably one of the first questions people ask when they find out that…

U.S. must recognize role of climate change in refugee influx

By Sylvan Perlmutter – 7 months ago

Recently, sympathetic media coverage of the Central American migrant “caravan” camped out at the United States-Mexico border has primarily focused on the threats of gang or state violence that forced…

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