Superstitious squad shows superiority at Scramble

By Alessandra Fable and Jackie Molloy – 3 days ago

Every athlete has their own set of superstitions: putting on your right shoe before your left, always wearing the same headband or sitting on the same side of the bench…

Vassar athletes climb back from dark Abyss of injury

By Rayan El Amine – 3 days ago

A baseline dribble, a jump stop, a buckle—a pop. What follows this jaw-dropping sound is usually an odd kind of silence. Nobody can quite remember their screaming, or the players…

Baseball too boring to watch? VC player weighs in

By Daniel Bonfiglio – 1 week ago

Although it is often referred to as “America’s Pastime,” baseball is far from the most popular sport in the United States. Despite last year’s Super Bowl bringing in the lowest…

Why We Play: Max Spencer

By Max Spencer – 1 week ago

Most student-athletes at Vassar have spent the majority of their lives dedicating themselves to their sport. At some point, it became more than just a childhood hobby. Becoming a successful…

Running backs don’t matter

By – 1 week ago

By now I’ve already lost 99.5 percent of my audience. One solid half of that 99.5 percent doesn’t care about football at all, and wonders why I’m even writing about…

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