By Hannah Gaven – 1 week ago

Aires I’ve just recently found the fuzzy sock lyfe. It’s the only reason I wake up in the morning. However, I could just wear fuzzy socks to bed, and then…

Examining autism in Freddie Highmore medical drama

By Eloudia Odamy – 1 year ago

From “Grey’s Anatomy” to “Chicago Med” to “The Resident,” TV shows about doctors seem to be duplicates of one another. There is always the recurring theme of a hospital drama…

MLS pales in comparison to European premier leagues

By Jonathan Levi-Minzi – 1 year ago

When New York City FC was announced as a Major League Soccer (MLS) club-to-be in 2013, I certainly thought it would be my club. A new, albeit desperately enthusiastic fan…

Student surely, irrefutably knows about everything

By Blair Webber – 1 year ago

In case anyone’s been wondering, I totally know exactly what “decolonize” means and how to use it in a sentence. I know some doubts have been raised on this subject,…

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