The Miscellany News, one of the oldest collegiate weeklies in the country, has been the student newspaper of Vassar College since 1866. Produced by over 40 student volunteers, The Miscellany News sets Vassar’s standard for reporting, creative thinking, exemplary writing and journalistic excellence. The paper is distributed every Wednesday evening during the academic year, and thousands of our students, faculty members, administrators, staff, alumnae/i and Arlington readers flip through it over their morning coffee to stay up to date.

Although our staff already boasts over 40 reporters, columnists, photographers, multimedia correspondents, designers and editors, we welcome contributions from all members of the College community. Visit us in Main Building every Sunday night at 9 p.m. in the Rose Parlor for Paper Critique, or contact the Editor-in-Chief at [email protected] to get involved.

Executive Board



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Leah Cates ’20, from Omaha, Nebraska, is a junior who is majoring in women’s studies with a correlate in creative writing, thereby rendering herself unemployable upon graduation. Prior to her tenure as Editor-in-Chief, Leah served as Senior Editor and Humor & Satire Editor of the Misc. Besides renouncing sleep on Tuesday nights for the Misc, she enjoys serving as co-president of Generations. She also likes to work out, but doesn’t get why you have to drop off your ID card at the AFC to be babysat by that plastic organizer, and wonders why more people don’t wander out ID-less.

Senior Editors

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Sasha Gopalakrishnan ’20 is an international student from Delhi, India. She is an International Studies major with a correlate in Women’s Studies and has been a part of the Misc since the fall of freshman year. She is also a part of Vassar Refugee Solidarity and South Asian Students’ Alliance, and she desperately tries to attend more than one meeting a year for VCTV, even as she flaunts it on her resume. You are most likely to catch her at Express, consuming copious amounts of coffee and wearing ~experimental~ earrings.

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Mack Liederman ’20 is a political science major from Westfield, New Jersey. Despite the fact that he is a meticulously slow reader, Mack is excited to move into a senior editorial position this semester after spending two semesters as the head of the Sports section. Mack has contributed over a dozen articles to the Misc, with his writing largely focused on the intersections of sports, politics and culture. Last semester, Mack ventured abroad to comparatively study the independent press in Argentina, Spain and South Africa. Outside the pages of print, you can find Mack calling play-by-play for varsity athletic events or just kicking back watching TV in his dingle.

Contributing Editors

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Talya Phelps ’19 is a film major with an education correlate. Having served in various roles, including Editor-in-Chief, Senior Editor, and Design Editor, she is honored to conclude her four years with the Misc in the advisory role of Contributing Editor. After graduation, she plans to either haunt the Misc Office as an itinerant ghost or pursue a career in journalism or non-profit work.

Noah Purdy ’19 is an art history major with correlates in Ancient Greek and French. He has been honing his eagle eye for Oxford commas since his first year at Vassar, serving on the Misc previously as Arts Editor and Senior Editor. Besides attempting to juggle at least three languages and wandering the Art Library stacks, he is excited to remain a part of The Miscellany News in his senior year.

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Charlotte Varcoe-Wolfson ’19 (she/her/hers) is honored to serve as a Contributing Editor, after previously holding the positions of Editor-in-Chief and Design Editor. A sociology and hispanic studies double major, outside of class Charlotte has been involved in student theater, Vassar Unitarian Universalists, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, and, of course, The Miscellany News. She wants to be a calendar when she grows up.

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Laila Volpe ’19 is a psychology major with a Russian correlate. She has worked with the Misc since her first year, previously serving as Copy Editor and Features Editor, and she is so excited to contribute to the Misc as Contributing Editor during her final year. She loves all things meme-related, with a focus on doggos, and you can always find her with a cup of tea in hand.




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Jessica ’21 is an International Studies major with a  correlate in Russian Studies. She began her Misc journey during her first year at Vassar and served as Copy Editor before joining the News section. When she isn’t busy editing, she enjoys playing the piano, cappuccinos, long conversations and eating the Deece’s chocolate chip cookies.




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Frankie is a sophomore English/philosophy double major. They can be found knitting, eating potatoes in their various forms and drinking coffee and tea at all hours. They also enjoy cheesy romantic comedies and songs with witty lyrics.




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Steven Park ’19 (he/him/his) is a Cognitive Science major with a correlate in Computer Science. As someone who loves both science and writing immensely, he finds himself reading both scientific papers and teen fiction in his free time. When not working on the Misc, he spends his day buried in schoolwork in the library, researching snake locomotion for his senior thesis, and desperately searching for a good YA novel set in high school that doesn’t use tired tropes and cliché characters.

Humor and Satire



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Hannah Gaven ’21 is from Bellingham, Washington and is a computer science major. When she’s not writing horoscopes, she spends her time dancing with Vass Shakers and coaching intro computer science. Her favorite word is haphazard, which is also how she would describe the current state of her room. If you’re ever in need of some psychic advice, you can always find her in the booths at late night Deece making chocolate milkshakes.




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Holly Shulman ’21 is a Hispanic studies major who spends a considerable amount of time contemplating potential double majors and/or correlates. She arrived at the Misc somewhat accidentally, having submitted one article on a whim over the summer and subsequently fallen prey to emails with the subject line “Just in case you want to write again this week…” Besides serving as co-Arts Editor, she is a VELLOP tutor, a research assistant and a member of the Vassar Equestrian Team, a statement which is frequently proceeded by a chorus of “I didn’t know that existed!”s.

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Abby Tarwater ’21 is an English major from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who is also interested in history. When she’s not writing for the Misc, Abby can be found working in the Writing Center or dancing with Vass Shakers. She also enjoys long naps, tarot cards, reading and listening to records.




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Myles Olmsted ‘19, from Amherst, MA, is a political science major with a Hispanic studies correlate (not a drama major, people). When he’s not in class, you might see him around campus leading Admissions tours or on stage with the Woodshed Theater Ensemble. If you don’t see him, he’s probably hiding away watching sports.




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Rose Parker ’21 is a computer science major from Westfield, New Jersey. Even though she is a varsity athlete, she still makes the time to fix InDesign crashes and buy R2D2 outfits for her dog, Charlie. She considers herself a very busy person, with attending class and religiously feasting at late night Deece. While she seems sweet, she knows how to wield a sword and has a surprisingly dark sense of humor.

Assistant Editor

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Lilly Tipton ’22 is a prospective Earth Science major from New Haven, CT. When she’s not fixing InDesign issues, she enjoys running, baking, hiking and religiously watching Grey’s Anatomy. At Vassar, she is also on the crew team.




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Teddy Chmyz ’21 is from Los Altos, California and is a reluctant Economics major. When he’s not fighting the long fight against Oxford commas he can be found throwing frisbees around at six in the morning or waiting for the Deece to refresh its cookie supply. Otherwise, he is likely hiding in his room, playing video games or watching his fantasy football team’s progress on eight tabs at once.



Online Editor

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Assistant Online Editor


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Chris Allen ’19 is a history major from Marlborough, Massachusetts. As Assistant Online Editor, he oversees Far and Away, the Misc’s study abroad blog. In addition to collecting stories from JYA students, he enjoys working in education, spending too much time on Twitter and evaluating the aesthetic and mechanical characteristics of Vassar’s elevators.

Assistant Social Media Editor


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Crossword Editor

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