Squash teams face tough losses

The Vassar College Men’s and Women’s Squash teams are a small but tight knit group of athletes. The men’s team is made up of thirteen players while the women’s roster includes only nine. Despite their small numbers both squads have been improving, becoming more and more successful each year.

The beginning of this semester marked a difficult loss for the men’s team. On January 26th, the team travelled to Haverford College in Pennsylvania in order to compete against Haverford College and Georgetown University. In squash 9 separate people compete in singles matches against opponents from other schools. In the end of 9 competition sets, the school with the most wins ends up winning overall. Vassar was blanked by Haverford, losing 9-0 to their men; however, there were some bright spots throughout the day.

Senior Jake Harris had a close loss after a hard fought battle against Haverford’s number one player. The score of the final game was a close 16-14 in one of Harris’ last intercollegiate matches. Another highlight of the day was senior Robert Ruggiero‘s first game of the day. Vassar’s number three senior Aiden Sperry also lost 11-6 in his first game as well as junior Kiet Phun in the number four position who lost 11-6 in his last game. Sophomore Ryan Kurtzman lost his first game 11-6 as well.

The same day at the Haverford Challenge, the women, ranked #33, faced mixed results. First they defeated Haverford College 5-4 before falling to Georgetown University 8-1. One of the strongest performers of the day was Vassar’s senior Libby Pei who, playing at the number one spot for the Brewers, won both her matches against Haverford and Georgetown. Other top performers of the day included senior Jill Levine who defeated Haverford’s Alisa Strayer and number five senior Avery Siciliano defeating Haverford’s Randee Johnson. Sophomore Karina Primelles won at Vassar’s number seven spot and sophomore Andrea Fahmy defeated Haverford’s Sarah Madigan.

Last weekend on February 3rd, the teams travelled separately. The men made their way to Fordham University and faced Ithaca College and Fordham University in the Fordham University Round Robin. The women travelled to Mount Holyoke College for the Seven Sisters Championships.

Once again one of the men’s opponents defaulted and the men earned an automatic win against Ithaca College. But, they also faced Fordham University for a second time and fell in a hard fought loss 8-1. Senior Jake Harris in the number one position was the only Brewer of the day to walk away with a win. The Brewers ended their 2012-2013 season 2-11. Their next contest will be the CSA Division III Championships which will take place on February 8-10.

The women enjoyed a successful day at the Seven Sisters Championships where they placed 3rd out of 4 teams. They were blanked 9-0 by both Wellesley and Mount Holyhoke. But the Brewers did defeat Smith College for their only squad win of the day winning 6-3. Pei fell in the number one position to Smith’s Jacqueline Zhou. Levine at number three defeated Smith’s Vivian Lee and Siciliano defeated Haruka Shimoto. During their matches against Mount Holyhoke senior Andrea Fahmy and sophomore Devina Vaid from Vassar College came close to defeating their opponents. In the end both Zhang and Bowditch made the Seven Sisters All-Tournament team. They were recognized as top performers of the tournament, a prestigious honor.

The women ended up finishing their regular season 6-8. They will continue to prepare for the CSA Division III Championships as well.

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