Westboro Baptist Church to hold rally at VC

With additional reporting by Chris Gonzalez and Marie Solis.

Yesterday evening, social media erupted with the news that the Westboro Baptist Church plans to hold a rally at Vassar College to protest the institution’s open support of the LGBTQ community.

The announcement published on the Church’s website, godhatesfags.com, reads:

WBC will picket Vassar College to warn the students,  faculty, and alumni that the satanic policies of this nation, especially those of the colleges and universities, are causing God to pour His wrath out upon this nation. Doomed american academics fancy themselves to be smarter than God. They promote the fag agenda with all their might and mock the word of God and His messengers at every turn. Let’s see how that works out for them on the Judgment Day!

Although the event is set to take place three weeks from now, on February 28, 2013, the Vassar community is already making preparations. An all-campus meeting has been scheduled to take place at the UpC Cafe at 10pm tonight to mobilize the student body and counter the Westboro Church.

“The Vassar community is so creative and intelligent, and I look forward to working with students and staff to figure out a response that shows the strength and inclusiveness of our community,” wrote Assistant Director for Campus Life Judy Jarvis in an emailed statement.

Stay tuned for updates as this story unfolds. Check back here later tonight for a live blog of the meeting at the UpC Cafe.


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  1. Deeply admire what is happening at Vassar…activism of the 1960s lives!
    Just a caution: so much of what WBC wants is the publicity. Yes, their message is hateful. Rather than their getting to enjoy all the outrage they create, there is another more effective possibility. IGNORE THEM, DISMISS THEM AS IRRELEVANT. Indifference is far more damaging than outrage or worshipping them.

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