Campus Canvas

I took this photo in the basement of my high school dormitory. It is of my friend Clare.

I would categorize it as a snapshot. Snapshots are interesting because they enter into almost a hyper-reality for both subject and photographer. The subject is un-posed, allowing natural mannerisms to come out among familiar company. The intimacy of a snapshot cannot be overstated. The snapshot for the photographer is like furniture for the architect.

It becomes a radical distillation of their idiosyncratic approach and style. There is not the time nor space to compose a masterwork. This is the moment where intuition and imagination sneak in, split second decision-making revealing far more than traditional portraiture.

There’s something surreal about this photograph, with no clear pictorial plane. Her bulb eyes do not allow the viewer to engage her as a human subject, she is somehow other. The photo is in black and white film, developed in a janky darkroom I made in a bathroom in the same basement.

—Alden Rose ‘14

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