The February 15 Blog Update!

What’s on the agenda for the Miscellany News’ blogs during the upcoming week? See for yourself!


Get your weekly dose of healthy living with Isabella Johnson, theater with Emily Salshutz and Tim Croner, fashion with Victoria Bachurska, words of inspiration from Farah Aziz, and video game madness with Nick Michel.

Far and Away final2

Travel around the globe with Andrew Jdaydani to Dunedin, New Zealand; Jessica Tarantine to Oxford, England; and Ruth Bolster to London, England.


Photo recaps from the ViCE Valentine’s Day Concert and the Student-Faculty Basketball Game.

VCLive Final

This week’s VSA Live Blog will feature an extensive discussion on Vassar’s divestment from the fossil fuel industry with Betsey Eismer (VP for Finance & Administration), Marianne Begemman (Dean of Strategic Planning & Academic Resources), Stephen Dahnert (Associate VP & Director of Investments), and the Vassar Greens.

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