Campus Canvas

EmilyWhicheloeI took this photo at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) when I was abroad last semester. I continue to revisit this photograph as a representation of the university because of the prominence of the political poster on the wall. UBA is a highly political university and “la Juntada” was the party in power while I was there. All available wall space was covered in brightly painted posters such as these that encourage students to rise to action to demand social justice and more government funding. It was impossible to enter or leave the building without a handful of pamphlets about Che Guevara, reforming the sociology department, or a university-wide strike that was happening next week.

The university buildings themselves were a little run down because the institution is funded by the government, but I enjoyed everything about my experience and grew to love and appreciate the buildings as well. Above all, I like to think that this photo demonstrates how I saw UBA—a place open to personal growth and continual inspiration.

—Emily Whicheloe ’14

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