Day: February 27, 2013

What to do and where to do it: A guide from Mr Bouchard

By JEAN-LUC BOUCHARD – 7 years ago

The world abounds in beauty if you simply take the time to see.” – Mahatma Gandhi (Or Benito Mussolini…or Springsteen. Don’t remember; it’s one of those big guys.)   My…

Eight Haikus of Freshman Year

By STEVEN WILLIAMS – 7 years ago

I. “Roommates, Companions” Flutist with ferret, Point Guard who hates to shower I need a single. II. “The Gnawing Inside” Four classes, hunger Blue-haired guy ate last pizza More class,…

VRDT to grace historic Bardavon

By JACK OWEN – 7 years ago

Entering  its 31st anniversary, the Vassar Repertory Dance Theatre’s (VRDT) annual Bardavon Gala will feature, as in years past, a mix of performances of works by Vassar’s highly regarded faculty,…

Basketball concludes top season

By AMREEN BHASIN – 7 years ago

The Vassar College Women’s Basketball team has enjoyed incredible success over the past few years, and this one was no different. They finished this year’s season with an impressive 21-5…

Miller to perform solo at Spring Concert

By EMMA DANIELS – 7 years ago

  Becca Miller ’14 has been playing the trumpet since fourth grade. “I picked it because it was in the family; my dad played it in high school and we…

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