Campus Canvas

I made this piece as a homework assignment for my drawing class. My teacher told us to draw whatever we wanted, and have it exemplify our identity as an artist and how far we have come. No pressure, right? I used my favorite artist, Caravaggio, as inspiration. He is famous for his dramatic lighting, and I love the way he can re-imagine famous scenes and compositions by changing the way he depicts them. As an art history major I also like to vary my style continuously based on what inspires me in my courses. The deep shadows and stark contours of light change the way I see the body. Knees become shapes of brightness and shadow and arms and elbows disappear into the darkness. I like this approach because it forces you to really look at what is in front of you and not just draw what you expect a body to look like. My friend Justin was generous enough to agree to pose for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better model. I loved drawing this and would like to explore different poses and lighting, continuing with this style and model as a series.

—Moorea Hall-Aquitania ’15


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