Eight Haikus of Freshman Year

“Roommates, Companions”

Flutist with ferret,
Point Guard who hates to shower
I need a single.

“The Gnawing Inside”

Four classes, hunger
Blue-haired guy ate last pizza
More class, tragedy


“Grey Poughkeepsie”

Bleached-blonde from Cali
Flip-flops through grey snow, suffers
From swimsuit withdrawal.
“Parents’ Weekend”

Condoms dental dams
Literally everywhere.
They know about Squirm.


“Vassar Bubble”

Caged in Vassar’s gates,
I wonder if a city
Is past Bacios.


Exams, labs, papers.
No joy. I thought this was an
Ivy League Whorehouse.

Wake up ten thirty,
Meeting and greeting with drinks;
Please last forever.

“Gender Neutral”

Drawn curtains, footsteps
True love showers next to you
The water runs cold.


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