Campus Canvas 3/28/2013

This painting was done as a gift for my aunt. When I was in 6th grade, after learning how to use watercolors for the first time, I painted her a series of landscapes, each done in the scheme of a color of rainbow.

Fortunately for my teen ego, she graciously hung them in her house, but has been asking me for an “updated” set for a few years now.

During an unusual period of free time, I was playing with ink, a favorite medium of mine, and remembered her request.

Trying to balance what I wanted to do creatively, while being mindful of what she would find beautiful was challenging, especially when, at the end of the day, she would “love” whatever I gave her, as family often does.

Straying away from the rainbow palette, this was one of four ink paintings I made. I was honored by how much she loved them. I found that it is both a humbling and inspiring experience to create art for someone whom you love and who loves you and one that I would recommend to everyone.

—Sidra Tareen ’13


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