Woods putts in shadow of debauchery

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new number one ranked golfer, and he is a household name! No, it is not Arnold Palmer! He retired over five years ago, and plus isn’t he some sort of lemonade concoction nowadays? It is Tiger Woods of course, America’s not so favorite playboy golfer. Tiger Woods has won six out of his last twenty starts on the PGA Tour and has returned to the number 1 world ranking for the first time since 2010. However, Rory McIlroy, the second ranked golfer, can reclaim the number one ranking with a win this weekend, while Tiger takes two weeks to prepare for the Masters. So Tiger Woods isn’t all alone atop the ranking like he used to be. There is now a feisty youngster who may forever be nipping at his heels.

Not only has he had recent success on the PGA Tour,  he has one the last eight Arnold Palmer Invitationals. This is not necessarily any new success for Tiger, just one in a recent string of a great comebacks. Yet two years ago this would not have been a surprise. Today, there are different connotations of Tiger being Tiger, since his secret double life of being a playboy has come to light.

My friends, Tiger Woods has returned! Well, it is not like he ever left actually. He’s just returned to his old form of the old Tiger Woods we all know and love, the one we expected to win every Open he entered, but most importantly the Tiger Woods before all of his shenanigan. Okay, well maybe I should be more clear; we do not know if Tiger is still a party boy, but what we do know is that Tiger Woods in the vacuum of the golf world is back. His knee is feeling perfectly fine, and his love life is on the heal with his announcement of a new girlfriend coming out. So maybe he has put it all past him, and is focusing on golf once and for all. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves here, because although he may have the name of an animal, he is human after all.

I like to look at athletes in a vacuum, with their on the field exploits completely separated from their off the field exploits. Yes, athletes can be bad people, just like anyone else, and this does not give them any more right to do dishonorable things than the average person, so I take everything with a grain of salt because no one knows what our favorite athletes really do. With million dollar endorsements on the line, many athletes are one wrong move away from being exposed as less than respectable public figures.

To many, Tiger Woods will never capture their hearts with his god-like golfing prowess, grit, and fierce competitive drive like he used to do. All of this blame rests on only one person’s shoulders, and that is on those of Tiger Woods. Frankly it is sad, because he is a once in a generation talent. Imagine if Michael Jordan partook in all of the things that Tiger did. The sports world would be completely different, and it would’ve been a very sad day to see a legend fall in the sport of basketball. So even though Tiger is back, let us all take it with a grain of salt, because although he may be even better than before, his image will never be better than it was before his whole life came to light on a fateful night back in 2009.

But on a lighter note, Tiger Woods is back, and possibly better than ever. The Masters is taking place in two weeks, so we can finally see how “back” Tiger Woods really is. Who knows, maybe he might win a few more hearts that he lost when his playboy antics came to light and possibly the Masters’ green jacket? Things are starting to become exciting in the world of golf once again, because the familiar has returned, and now there is someone to encourage Tiger Woods to be even fiercer in Rory McIlroy. But can Rory McIlroy handle the full fledged Tiger? For the sake of golfing I am hoping for a resounding yes.

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