Day: April 10, 2013

Farmers, students push for equality

By NOBLE INGRAM – 10 years ago

On Tuesday April 9, Vassar students and members of the Poughkeepsie community gathered for a panel discussion and march in support of farm workers’ rights. The event was titled “Shield…

Story-telling an essential skill for Vassar tour guides

By ELOY BLEIFUSS PRADOS – 10 years ago

In addition to walking groups of visitors through the key spots on campus and explaining the unique features of a Vassar education, succesful student tour guides are also performers, weaving…

Walk-out supporters disrupt VC’s learning environment

By JULIAN HASSAN – 10 years ago

In Katharine Gripp’s op-ed “Epstein audience offered skewed info on fossil fuels” (Miscellany News, 04.04.2013) she writes, “others have written more knowledgeably of—and can more lucidly explain—Epstein’s lack of qualifications…

Pre-reg changes aim to spur thoughtful academic choices

By MARIE SOLIS – 10 years ago

Pre-registration to some might best be described as something of an art form: a delicate balance between having a good draw number, ordering your class choices with the right finesse…

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