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Alessandra Seiter ’16 is the Online Editor. This is her second semester serving in this capacity. Alessandra is a Geography major.

Allow me to paint you a picture of the average freshman at the onset of their Vassar experience. Starry-eyed, hopeful, and deluding her or himself into believing that the Deece’s fare tastes somewhat enjoyable, the average Vassar freshman excitedly adds their name to every org’s sign-up sheet at the Activities Fair, eager to plan concerts with ViCE, work their way up the ranks of the VSA, and convince the college at last to divest with the Greens. This freshman attends multiple org meetings. This freshman receives the first class assignments and readings of the year. This freshman successfully auditions for a theatre production. By the end of September, this freshman cries, bleakly overwhelmed by the toppling pile of extracurriculars on their metaphorical plate (which, the freshman has finally realized, tastes far better than the food at the Deece).

Luckily, while denying the reality of their austere situation by watching cat videos on a friend’s Facebook page, this freshman stumbles upon a post from The Miscellany News that reads, “Overwhelmed by the toppling pile of extracurriculars on your metaphorical plate? Denying the reality of your austere situation? Want to remain involved somehow with on-campus happenings without overly committing yourself like you did last month? Then sign up to blog for the Misc!”

Indeed, as this freshman soon realized after contacting the Misc’s Online Editor, contributing to the paper’s various blogs requires a quite small time commitment, provides a friendly and low-stress setting in which students can hone their writing skills, and allows students to dabble in org activities without over-straining themselves. Most contributors to the Misc’s blogs write a roughly 800-word post only two or three times per month, and in return they can add journalistic experience to their resume, share their work with a wide audience, and receive helpful feedback to aid them in their development as a writer.

The Misc’s online realm features four blogs—Main Circle, Far and Away, Exposure, and Vassar College Live. Only the Misc’s photo staff contributes to Exposure, Vassar’s digital photo journal, and the Editor-in-Chief fully maintains VC Live, a live blog of the VSA’s weekly council meetings. We at the Misc, however, welcome any and all students interested in blogging to contribute to either Main Circle or Far and Away.

Featuring posts on such topics as fashion, food, healthy living, inspirational musings, music, video games, pop culture, theatre, and television/movie reviews, Main Circle offers a plethora of useful information and thought-provoking prose. At the start of their blogging endeavors, contributors choose a topic that ignites their passions, writing a post related to that topic every couple of weeks. Many contributors incorporate humor, photos, videos, and/or quotes into their posts, taking full advantage of the wealth of creative opportunities presented by the blogging medium.

A platform by which students studying abroad can remain connected to Vassar’s on-campus community, Far and Away showcases the varied cultural experiences of those spending their Junior Year Abroad (JYA) all over the world. Contributors regale readers with tales of Japanese gardens, trans-European train rides, and London’s best Thai food, while also providing helpful experiential information for students interested in studying abroad in the future. Launched in the spring semester of last year, Far and Away has already attracted a large following of readers and continues to grow in popularity.

In addition to having their writing published on the Misc blogs, contributors also receive free and personalized advertising of their work. Multiple Tweets and Facebook posts—sent out by the Misc’s Online Editor—accompany each blog entry, ensuring that contributors reach a wide audience. Essentially, Misc bloggers need only write the posts; the editing, publishing, and social media advertising is done for them, rendering blogging for the Misc exponentially easier and less time-consuming than managing one’s own blog.

Those interested in blogging for the Misc should email Online Editor Alessandra Seiter (

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