Welcome to The Miscellany News: A Greeting from the Editor-in-Chief

This is a photograph of last semester’s editorial board upon completion of our final newspaper!

First and foremost, welcome to the Vassar family! After years of dreaming, months of applying, and countless hours of arguing with family members about the merits of co-ed bathrooms, you are about to start the most exciting, challenging and mind-blowing 4 years of your life. As the editor-in-chief of The Miscellany News, I’ve overseen the reporting of all kinds of news, and I can safely say that right now, you are the biggest news.

So, on the eve of your arrival, amidst the campus’ final dorm checks and printing all of the ‘freshman first-year’ handouts, The Miscellany News has prepared an online edition of our newspaper to help ease your transition.

The Miscellany News is the college’s only weekly newspaper and is the main source of news on the campus. We have been informing Vassar’s students, professors, administrators, staff and Poughkeepsie community since 1866. Since Vassar offers no formal journalism major, The Miscellany News is the best way for students to learn about reporting, op-ed journalism, photojournalism and blogging.

Our newspaper breaks down into a number of sections: News, Features, Opinions, Humor & Satire, Arts and Sports. In addition to these sections, our staff also works on photography and in multimedia. The multimedia team organizes, shoots and edits videos about life at Vassar and in Poughkeepsie, and they also write dozens of blog posts each week.

Since printing our first newspaper over 150 years ago, our staff and coverage has changed, and I am proud to say that our full-time staff is over 40 students, with dozens of other special contributors.

Each week we publish an online edition of the newspaper on Wednesday night, with the print edition hitting the shelves around campus early Thursday morning. This publication marks the culmination of a week of meetings and a Tuesday night production schedule.

Last year our print publication had a regular circulation of 3,000 copies, while our Web site receives over 14,000 page visits each week. The Miscellany News also tweets breaking news, Vassar Student Association notes and other campus updates daily; our Twitter handle is @miscellanynews.

If you are interested in writing, copyediting, taking photographs or producing videos please check out all of the articles on our website and let us know how you would like to contribute! Each Sunday we meet in the Rose Parlor at 9 p.m. to discuss the last week’s newspaper and the upcoming edition, and we love talking with prospective contributors. Moreover, if you have any questions you should email misc@vassar.edu.

We look forward to meeting each and every one of you!

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