Campus Canvas 9/26/13

I’m interested in creating a record of the feeling of being somewhere or with someone. Photography, though relied on as an accurate depiction of time and events, has the ability to communicate fictional narratives. A photograph is about the single moment captured, but also about what comes before and after. I like to explore this aspect of photography by actively choosing to include and/or omit visual signifiers of con-text. This photograph was made this past summer. I remember feeling sleepy and a little strange, which are both common feelings for me. I was sitting on my friend’s couch, covered with soft white blankets, and my very tall friend had just stood up. The drama of the scene reminded me of a movie, though I still can’t remember which one. Overall, the night was traditionally “uneventful.” Photography is a mental exercise that helps me reconsider what really counts as an event, how the event exists in my personal timeline, and how a visual record can alter my memories of that event. You can see more of my photographs on my website,

—Paloma Jimenez ’14

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