Letters to the Editor 10/3/13

I first heard Seth Warner share his ideas at a Vassar Democrats meeting, and voting for him is voting for Vassar to be a part of the surrounding community. I always hear that Vassar is it’s own little bubble and local residents don’t particularly care for Vassar students. Seth wants to change that and show the people of Poughkeepsie that Vassar and its students are thoughtful and caring individuals that can better this community. It only takes a few seconds of talking with Seth to see that he is genuinely passionate and dedicated to helping people. For example, Seth wants to work towards providing greater funding for social services for domestic violence victims. Even most will only consider Dutchess County their home for four short years, building a positive relationship between local residents and Vassar is a legacy that you can be part of with a vote for Seth Warner for County Legislature. He is a great representative of Vassar and the values that we endorse.


Alyssa Chai  ’14


Vassar students should make sure they don’t sit out the 2013 elections. Dutchess County has many offices up for election this year and Vassar can help decide who will fill these offices. Currently, the Dutchess County Legislature is proposing a $184 million jail expansion, which would add to our system of over-incarceration. In past years, legislature put money toward a new toxic waste site, while slashing funds from programs that support domestic violence survivors and at-risk youth. As residents of Poughkeepsie, Vassar students have a vital interest in preventing these things from occurring. We live here; it is our responsibility to make sure that our government is listening to us. Vassar students can make a real difference by registering and voting this November. You can register to vote through the Dutchess County Board of Elections or at turbovote.org


­—Jordan Burns ’16

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