Day: October 30, 2013

Obamacare rollout remains promising despite glitches

By NATASHA BERTRAND – 11 years ago

The shutdown ended and the shutout began, leaving Americans with no one to be angry with for virtually twenty-four hours before glitches in the Affordable Care Act website left them…

‘Not Anonymous’ draws on new voices, personal stories

By SAMANTHA KOHL – 11 years ago

Unbound, Vassar’s own experimental, non-hierarchical group, will be holding true to its goal of producing inventive student theater through a new production entitled “Not Anonymous.” The group will perform “Not…

Social advertising endangers e-identity

By JOSHUA SHERMAN – 11 years ago

A couple weeks ago Google released a new set of terms and conditions for its network of websites. For anyone wondering just what this document is, a “terms and conditions”…