Letter to the Editor 2/27/2014

On Feb. 12, 2014, Naomi Dann and Nicole Massad wrote an opinions piece in The Miscellany News. They condemned President Hill and Dean Chenette’s denouncement of the American Studies Association’s (ASA) endorsement of the Israeli academic institutional boycott.  Dann and Massad first contend that Hill and Chenette’s position misunderstands the ASA’s position.  Moreover, Dann and Massad argue that, “some faculty and students at Vassar feel that their own academic freedom to express support for the BDS movement is jeopardized by the College’s official position.”

We support Dann and Massad’s effort to raise awareness about the shortcomings of President Hill and Dean Chenette’s opposition to the American Studies Association’s endorsement of the Israeli academic institution boycott. Dann and Massad’s criticism of the Administration’s position is not motivated by animus towards Israelis or Jews. Rather, their oped calls attention to Israeli academic institutional support for government policy that has resulted in human rights and international law violations.  We stand behind their effort to highlight these issues and engage our community in critical thinking and open debate.


—Alison Abreu-Garcia ’08

—Rebecca Arian ’09

—Ally Barlow ’08

—Mariel Boyarsky ’09

—Sophia Chambers ’10

—Caitrin Hall, ’13

—Robert Mansfield Jennings III ’13

—Sarah Joseph ’05

—Rory Katz ’09

—Sasha Klimczak ’09

—Noor Mir ’12

—Colleen Normile ’06

—David Orkin ’13

—Adriana Pericchi ’13

—Jon M. Roth ’10

—Miriam Schuldenfrei ’13

—Lauren Sutherland ’09

—Andrew D. Tabenkin ’11

—Eliza C. Thompson ’09

—Ilana Yamin ’09

—Kyla Welch-Rubin ’05

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