Day: April 30, 2014

Inaugural screening kicks off Africana Film League

By JAKE SOLOMON – 8 years ago

Broadly speaking, film, media and many other aspects of popular culture are largely dominated by white males. To combat this, forward-thinking Vassar students are attempting to fill this void in…

Birbiglia’s comedic format breaks conventional molds

By MARK BRAMHILL – 8 years ago

When writing a comedy set, a comedian has to decide the right balance of one-liners, riffs and personal stories. Some comics overburden their sets with one-liner after one-liner, leaving the…

Lilian Doyle, Esq. passes down years of VC wisdom

By LILY DOYLE – 8 years ago

As my family, close friends, periphery friends, potential employers, professors and my hairdresser keep reminding me, I’m graduating from college in a month! How great. I have, as my Federal…