A field guide to Vassar Athletics

A bird’s-eye view of Vassar’s sport fields. (Photo courtesy of Vassar Athletics)

Welcome Vassar Class of 2018!  Whether you are an aspiring athlete or just want to come  and support your fellow Brewers, it will definitely help to know where to go.  I have come up with a guide of all the different  fields and stadiums to be found here on campus, and what times during the year they are used.

The fall sports at Vassar include: soccer, field hockey, cross-country, women’s golf, and women’s volleyball. While there may be no football team, football fans might enjoy getting their contact-sport fix from the men’s and women’s rugby teams.  There are also some fall meets and matches for the rowing and  tennis teams. Fans of soccer can watch both the men’s and women’s teams play at  Gordon Field this Friday, August 29. Gordon Field is part of the Prentiss Sports Complex, which is the collection of fields by the Town Houses. The women’s field hockey team uses one of the other fields in the complex, Weinberg Turf Field, in the fall. The lacrosse and soccer teams can also use Weinberg Field when the weather is an issue.

If you don’t mind taking a trek across the street, you should check out the beautiful Vassar farm. Besides enjoying the pastoral scenery and open spaces, the farm is also the home for the rugby and cross-country teams. Behind the Athletics and Fitness Center, which most people refer to simply as AFC, is a nine-hole par 34 golf course. The women’s golf team uses the course to practice, but students can play nine holes recreationally for only $2.

For those who would prefer to stay inside, they can catch women’s volleyball matches in the Kenyon Hall gymnasium. As fall turns to winter, the athletes move indoors. Watching the winter teams play, or making use of the facilities for yourself, can be a great way to escape the winter doldrums.

Most people are familiar with basketball and swimming, but Vassar also has fencing and squash teams.Kenyon Hall contains six international squash courts, a dance studio, the varsity weight room and an indoor rowing facility. The other winter sports all practice and play at the Athletics and Fitness Center. The basketball teams play in the large gymnasium in AFC. The swimming and fencing teams can be found in the Walker Field House wing of the center. Walker Field House has five indoor tennis courts, which can accommodate a variety of sports including volleyball, basketball, and badminton, along with serving as the facility for fencing practices and meets. Walker also houses the college’s athletic trainers and Kresge Pool.

Before too long, the snow will eventually melt and the sports will move outside once more. Vassar offers traditional spring sports such as lacrosse, track, and tennis along with rowing on the Hudson River and men’s volleyball.  The lacrosse teams use Gordon Field and the Weinberg Turf Field for their practices and games. The turf field comes in handy when it’s raining.

The track team at Vassar, which was formed only seven years ago in 2007, uses the part of the Prentiss Sports Complex that was built for track and field events. Surrounding the field is a lighted eight-lane track that facilitates the training of the track athletes along with other  athletes and students looking to work on their conditioning. The Vassar tennis teams play on the courts located behind the Josselyn dormitory, but when there is rain they can move indoors to courts at Walker Field House. Finally, the rowing teams train at a facility located four miles from campus on the Hudson River. The facility includes boat storage, locker rooms and showers.

So there you have it, a brief rundown of the athletics facilities and seasonal sports schedules here at Vassar. Whether you come to these places as a participant or as a spectator, the athletics facilities at Vassar have something to offer for everyone.

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