Opportunities for involvement in sports and fitness abound at VC

The men’s basketball team huddles up at a varsity game. (Photo courtesy of Vassar Athletics)

Now that you are finally Vassar, you may be thinking about what types of activities that you may want to get involved with, and this may indeed be stressful. But the good news is that no matter whether you were the star basketball player in high school or you spent gym class hiding out in the locker room, you can find some level of activity that you are comfortable with at Vassar. While Vassar doesn’t have the reputation of being an athletically inclined school, a surprising number of Brewers are involved in sports and physical activity on campus.

During the warmer months many people can be seen kicking a ball or throwing a frisbee out on many of the wide open spaces, like Joss Beach and the Residential Quad, on Vassar’s campus. Many people take advantage of the opportunity to play basketball when the gym at the Athletics & Fitness Center (AFC) is not being used by Vassar’s basketball teams.

Or if you prefer to run, Vassar’s campus offers 1000 acres of beautiful architecture and trees. Previously in Vassar’s history, the farm was used to produce food for the the college’s dining services, but now it is an ecological preserve with creeks, a lake and trails that are perfect for running or a leisurely stroll. When the weather isn’t as welcoming, again the gym offers a respite from the elements with an indoor track above the basketball court and a student gym that has weights, treadmills and bicycles. Many free Life Fitness classes that include yoga, pilates and kickboxing  are offered at the AFC as well.

Along with fitness classes, students are allowed to take up to two units worth of Physical Education classes throughout their Vassar careers. Class levels range from beginning to advanced levels in classes such as racquetball and boxing. Dance classes ranging in different styles are also included in this for those who like to mix in creativity with exercises.

If you and your friends want to a reprieve from studying, then intramural sports may be another fun option to consider. Intramurals at Vassar are free and provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere, as well as an opportunity to meet new people. Among the intramural sports offered are slow-pitch softball and dodgeball. All you have to do is look out for the deadlines to sign up each semester and gather enough people to form a team. Plus you can name your team almost anything you want.

If intramural sports just don’t seem to cut it when it comes to the level of competition that you crave, then Vassar offers the option of club sports. Club sports are more time consuming than Intramurals, but they do travel and compete intercollegiately. With something for everyone there’s ultimate frisbee and quidditch. Most club teams are open to anyone who wants to come out and play, even if you have never played competitively before.

But if you just can’t shake your competitive streak, then one of the 27 varsity sports at Vassar may be for you. Varsity sports are the most time consuming of all the sporting options at Vassar. If you have an interest in playing a varsity sport, you should contact a coach and/or current athletes to gain some insight if you haven’t done so already. Information can also be found at the Vassar Athletics website.

Keep in mind, that this is a new chapter in your life! You are free to make your own decisions. Yes, physical activity is a major part of a healthy lifestyle, but Vassar has a wealth of academic and social opportunities awaiting you for the next four years. So, explore your options. Take a step out of your comfort zone, and know that you are on the path to being your own completely new person.

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