Weekly Calendar: 9/11 – 9/17


11 a.m. Campus Dining Pop-Up. Let’s be honest for a second: your life is most likely incomplete. And the only way you can fill that void is with the magic of a flash mob. With food. From the dining hall. But there will mostly likely be a lot of Frank Sinatra, so that’s something. College Center Circle.


3 p.m. Tea. This is one of Vassar’s oldest, most respected traditions. I think. They had Lipton Tea bags at the turn of the 20th century, right? Rose Parlor.


7 p.m. Miscellany News Interest Meeting. The editors of the Misc needed an excuse to get together and eat cheese. Rocky 210.



3 p.m. Tea. Hot water and tea bags miraculously appear, like with Mary’s Immaculate Conception. Is Matthew Vassar’s ghost behind it all? Are we safe?  Rose Parlor.



12 p.m. Careers in Financial Services Alumnae/i Panel. Now that your 100-level psych course doesn’t count toward fulfilling the QA requirement, you’re probably thinking econ looks pretty appealing. It’s the one way you’ll be able to market yourself when looking for jobs after graduation, when your major in Victorian puppetry just isn’t shining as brightly on your resume as you would have hoped. Find the answer to the age-old question, “How do I numbers?” Taylor.


12:30 p.m. Serenading. Remember that time you washed the bong water out of your best friend’s hair and then you totally hooked up three years later when you bonded over that exact moment? Noyes Circle.


3 p.m. Tea. Bump elbows with your neighbor across the hall and bond over the fact that no one else showed up. Rose Parlor.


6 p.m. ECVC Free-For-All Dinner. Realized that you no longer have any guest meal swipes to offer your hungry meal-planless friends? Want to hang out with them in a setting that doesn’t involve cheap Crystal Palace and Ramen noodles? Maybe consider finding friends who can cook. Until then, there’s always free food.  Jade Parlor.



2 p.m. CIS Student Block Party. You know you always wanted to hang out with Jean Tagliamonte and the CIS crew. They’re kinda like the Scooby gang, running around campus to put an end to all those scandalous phishing incidents. College Center.

3 p.m. Tea. You need a place to unwind after that raging CIS Block Party, but honestly, does anyone actually go to these? Where’s the cheese? Rose Parlor.


3:30 p.m. JYA Information Meeting. Sit back and relax while the Susans tell you all about what NOT to do when studying abroad. No sex, no drinking, no drug use, no giving mouth-to-mouth to a toucan. Taylor.


3:30 p.m. VC Dog Day. PUPPIES. DOGGIES. WOOF WOOF, BOW WOW. RUFF RUFF. Library Lawn.


5:30 SLAC Video Interview Day Orientation & Interview Workshop. Throw on a fancy dress or tuxedo and record yourself giving a dramatic reading of your LinkedIn account. Really sell that ‘Time Management’ skill no one has endorsed. Faculty Commons.

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