‘Baby Chic’ the fall fashion you need to reach your ultimate form

Autumn is a very unique time of the year. It’s pretty much spring, but most of the plants are dead and the colors are not bright. Among the fall months, however, September is the most enigmatic. The sun is out, yet Jack Frost is creeping around the corner. For many people, this makes getting dressed in the morning a long, drawn-out process. You probably spend at least 20 minutes trying to decide what to wear…then another 20 crying because nothing makes sense anymore. Luckily for you, I have found the perfect fall  look to keep you comfortable and guarantee that you will be the most popular person on campus. I like to call this style “Baby Chic.”

I discovered Baby Chic one cold morning on my “walk of shame” from Cushing to Joss. (Let’s be real, I just wanted to do homework in the Great Hall.) I left just before 9 a.m. on a Monday morning, thinking that I could get across campus to my room without having to answer any questions about my night. But nope! The campus was buzzing with people, and I ran into everyone I knew—all six of them.

Fortunately, I was rocking my stylish new(ish) outfit as I made my way across Noyes Circle. At first, I was a bit shy about my new look, but after a couple “You look… warm?”s, a few “Wow, you look great”s and some barks from dogs on their morning walks, I knew I had succeeded. Now, I bet you are dying to know what fabulous outfit could have elicited such a positive response. No, it is not a huge diaper, nor is it a flannel onesie. I’m not that classy.

The first step is to grab the first blanket-like object in sight. I chose a huge, fluffy beige blanket that I pulled off of my friend’s closet floor the night before. Take this blanket (or rug, shower curtain, tablecloth, etc.) and wrap yourself in it like a yummy Chipotle burrito. The more surface area you cover, the better. If you’re pressed for time, don’t worry; just roll around in whatever sheets are on your bed and stand right up!

The next step is to accessorize—your outfit ain’t shit without accessories. For this look, I would recommend something huggable, like a friend, a stuffed animal or a large pillow. I went with a soft, snuggly teddy bear named Jamison and a red pillow that, sadly, has no name (~hmu~ if you have any suggestions). Take your cuddle buddies, hug them as tightly as possible, sob.

The third and final step is the most crucial: DO NOT LOOK IN THE MIRROR. I know you will be tempted to because you know how amazing you look, but please do not do it. Remember, the more time that you spend looking at yourself in the mirror, the less time you get to show off your rocking outfit! After all, fashion is about how other people perceive you and not about your opinions at all!

Vassar is the perfect campus to begin experimenting with this look. Be Baby Chic when you are running around the track or lifting weights at the Athletics and Fitness Center; your blanket-like object can not only make you sweat more but also hide it from everyone else. In fact, your accessories will make exercising much more challenging, giving you the best workout ever.

Bring Baby Chic to the Mug. Your blanket and stuffed animal are the perfect shield. If someone you don’t like tries to dance up on you, you can just shove your stuffed animal between you and the other person. This same rule also applies to any TH/TA party, Villard Room dance and awkward interactions with your helicopter parents!

But the best part about Baby Chic is the fact that it brings the bed to you. If you are doing homework and you decide that that matrix just cannot be row-reduced or that essay cannot be concluded, or when you’re bored and/or confused in class or you ate too much to leave your table at the Deece, just put your head down, curl into your blanket and take a quick nap. Because nothing is more fashionable than your drooling, napping ultimate form.

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