Day: September 24, 2014

Hamster out-eats Kobayashi

By SAMUEL HAMMER – 10 years ago

Hello, Vassar sports fans! So many important things have occurred this past week that it’s almost impossible to cover it all, but it doesn’t hurt to try. In case you…

Serenading leads to campus waste

By SAM REBELEIN – 10 years ago

I was a house fellow once in Strong. And I remember when they used to use food for Serenading instead of water balloons. Some students complained about it; some thought…

Faux body positivity harms women

By SAGINE CORRIELUS – 10 years ago

As many culture-centered news articles have declared, 2014 was the summer of big booties in the media and music industry. Feminist magazines and social media outlets alike have praised the…