Chia seeds a surprisingly satisfying smoothie staple

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While seeking out the perfect snack in my pantry, I stumbled upon a plastic container filled with something I had never seen before. These minuscule black little seeds, initially, reminded me of bird food and for a second, I wondered if my family had failed to tell me that they had adopted a new pet into our clan. I stared at the jar, waiting to make sense of what was inside until I finally picked it up to uncover the latest addition to our snack section: chia seeds.

Still, I couldn’t understand how this bizzare form of nutrients ended up in my house. Who in my family, I wondered, was consuming these strange little seeds? And in what form could they possibly be consuming them?

Questioning my family’s eating habits, I chose to look up this foreign ingredient online to find out that the only person at fault here was me.  What a quick Google revealed was rather surprising to me. Apparently, chia seeds are way more popular than I expected and what some people might even consider “the latest trend.”

The opportunities to incorporate chia seeds into your daily diet seemed endless: Blend them into a mixed drink, sprinkle them onto a salad or even mold them into a flavored pudding. It was a wonder that I’d never heard of them before.

However, while researching online to uncover what all this commotion over chia seeds was about, I came across one particular recipe that I immediately felt obligated to try: Vegan Peach Oat Chia Smoothies.

Before finding out why or how the chia seeds ended up in my pantry in the first place, I ended up using the rest of the container for my personal taste buds. I guarantee that if you find yourself making this smoothie, you might have to head out to the store and restock your chia seed inventory before you’ve even started putting the concoction together—like I did.

What makes this smoothie recipe so irresistible is its combination of healthy yet satisfying flavors. Since my first chia seed encounter, I have done some experimenting with various recipes involving chia seeds, and I have determined that this recipe makes for a perfect on-the-go breakfast for when you don’t have enough time to Deece before class or a great pre-workout snack on your way to the gym.

To prepare this filling drink, you’ll need some sort of blender. To continue the theme of latest trends, I hear Magic Bullets are all the rage, and your roommate or neighbor probably has one if you need to borrow it.

Begin the process by  gathering and organizing the components of the smoothie. These include two peaches (or nectarines if you can’t find ripe peaches), one banana (frozen or fresh), orange juice (without pulp), chia seeds and oats.

Together, this list of ingredients will combine to result in the perfect elements of a smoothie based on flavor (thanks to the peaches), sweetness and texture (from the banana), consistency and thickness (due to the orange juice and chia seeds) and nutrients (fiber and manganese from the oats).

After organizing your ingredients, add the following list of foods into the blender. On high, blend the mixture for no more than two minutes, or until the components seem to turn into some form of liquid.

Following the blending process, let the smoothie sit for five to 10 minutes so that the oats and chia seeds can soak into a gelatinous texture. Once the seeds and oats are well blended and no longer sink to the bottom, blend the drink once more to ensure that the entire thing has a smooth consistency.

Depending on your preference, you can add an additional banana half to make the smoothie thicker or add milk and/or orange juice to thin out the drink.

Lastly, if you think the smoothie could still use some sweetness, feel free to add in a tad of agave nectar to give it a little more kick.

If you don’t plan on drinking the smoothie immediately after you make it, be sure to keep this tasty beverage refrigerated lest it spoil and all your efforts be for naught.


 The Ingredients

2 ripe peaches or nectarines

1 tbsp chia seeds

1/4 cup rolled oats

1/2 frozen banana (peeled before freezing)

1/4 cup fresh orange juice

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk

Optional: 1 tbsp agave nectar for additional sweetness


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