Letter to the Editor: Conor R. K. Kenney ’11

Dmisc-twit-mainear Editor,
In light of the recent acrimony at Vassar, I state the following. I worked for four years as a receptionist for the Dean of Studies Office. During that time, I worked for the now Dean of the College, Chris Roellke, as well as other administrators. I witnessed the good work that Chris and others did for students. Though I was not privy to students’ circumstances due to privacy reasons, I could see the differences in their attitudes between when they entered the office and when they left. Students walked through the door stressed out and with a lot on their minds. They left looking confident that they could face their challenges. The students who came to the office were a representative cross section of the student population. The people I knew in the Dean of Studies Office cared about everyone on campus. It is my hope that others who have worked closely with the administration and staff will speak up about their positive experiences.
Conor R. K. Kenney
Class of 2011

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