Day: February 4, 2015

Grads return to Vassar for jobs


A cap and gown in the spring does not always come with a plane ticket home for all seniors. Every year some members of the graduating class stay in Poughkeepsie…

Collegiate liquor bans reach peer institutions

By BETHAN JOHNSON – 9 years ago

In the wake of an investigation by the Department of Education of a civil rights complaint stating that its administration failed to adequately respond to instances of sexual assault, the…

Tournées Film Festival features offbeat love

By EMMA ROSENTHAL – 9 years ago

Although the average movie-goer might be intimidated by the idea of six French films, the organizers of the Tournées Film Festival: Love in the 21st Century are making it accessible…

En garde: sad farewell for seniors

By ASHLEY HOYLE – 9 years ago

One of the most memorable moments of the 2015 season came at the VC Fencing Challenge, where the athletic department and both teams took the time to honor their graduating…

Call to replace admins has no substance

By THE EDITORS – 9 years ago

Last week, a group of student organizers, operating under the name “Vassar Student Organizers,” reached out to the Vassar community, asking students and alumnae/i to sign their name to a…

President disseminates campus climate website

By RHYS JOHNSON – 9 years ago

In response to the recent criticism by students of the Administration’s failure to address and take responsibility for charges of institutional racism and misogyny, an email was sent from the…

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