Day: February 18, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: College to ban faculty-student relationships

By Rhys Johnson, News Editor – 9 years ago

The College has drafted a new policy forbidding consensual romantic and sexual relationships between students and faculty. Currently, the Faculty Handbook’s policy states, “The College strenuously discourages romantic or sexual…

The War on Drugs: Are there any winners?

By CLAIRE STANDAERT – 9 years ago

Snow was falling heavily on Nov. 26 and everyone, including myself, was ready to get on the train and go home for Thanksgiving. Soon the doors opened with a loud…

Activist panel confronts VC race issues

By RHYS JOHNSON – 9 years ago

Amidst the troubled relationship between students and the College’s current leadership surrounding issues of diversity and inclusivity, Professor of English, writer and social activist Kiese Laymon hosted an event in…

Kling blends activism with humor

By EMMA ROSENTHAL – 9 years ago

Conversations surrounding issues of gender and sexuality might not be the easiest to have. Humor, though, often works as a filter through which these topics can be made more accessible.…

Athletes: more than just haircuts

By ERIK QUINSON – 9 years ago

Sports teams are some of the most closely knit groups in Vassar’s community. From the cross country’s loud library table to swimming’s decision to dye their hair before states, Vassar’s…

Movement resists test culture

By BETHAN JOHNSON – 9 years ago

“We are now, currently in the biggest revolt against high-stakes testing in US history,” Seattle’s Garfield High School history teacher, author of “More than a Score: The New Uprising Against…

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